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McGee Lane Self Storage.. . Since 1995!

Large Storage Facilities… Executive Office Suites… Retail Shopping Center…

Family Owned & Operated, Personal & Friendly Service

It’s a great combination, and one that can be hard to find: a company that’s big enough to offer the product or service you want at a price you can afford – with family owned and operated personal and friendly service.

Offering the convenience of Storage Facilities, Office, Retail Space in one area.

McGee’s offers three associated businesses next to each other in a convenient Lewisville location. Business owners will benefit from the combination of retail space, off-site storage, and off-site office space to let them mix and match to most current business needs.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1995

At McGee Lane Self Storage, we’re proud to say that we are both big enough (with 1200 units) to satisfy all your self storage needs -and- we’re family owned and operated. Our goal is to provide the best service possible with a friendly, personal touch.

As the owner of McGee Lane Self Storage, I ask you to put our service to the test.

Serving the Lewisville, Texas Area.. One customer at a time!

Craig McGee, Owner

McGee Self Storage Services. . .